UC Santa Cruz graduate, with a solid foundation in math, logic, and computer science.


Work Experience

iD Tech

Worked as Lead Instructor of the Las Positas iD Tech campus where I taught courses on Unity VR with the Oculus Go, Unreal engine, and modding in Minecraft using Java. In addition to my teaching, I also had to check in and check out procedures, medication storage and administration, safety and security of the lab, and general management of camp location and logistics. Being lead instructor, I was also tasked with supervising and training other instructors to make sure we would facilitate a well polished camp.



Wacktory is an award winning game that is a mixes VR and traditional couch co-op gameplay. I am currently working on this project with 11 other collaborators using Unity and Steam VR. I mostly handle the trucks code which is the backbone to the game. The code was written to allow any arangement of level layouts, item combinations, and time limits. They determine what items each level will require as well as the start and end conditions. In addition to the trucks I also composed and created all the music. You can see more on our website here.

Starcraft II Bot

With a group of 4 other collaborators, we created a bot for the game Starcraft II by Blizzard Entertainment. We converted 2 API's, commandCenter and the default SC2 API, into a behaviour tree format where we could then create new action, sequencer, selector... nodes in order to produce a functioning bot. As it is now, the bot can beat the "medium bot" included in the game. All code was written in C++.

3D Environment

This is a 3D space I created using Javascript, HTML, and WebGL. A user can move around through the world as a light moves across the x axis. Z near, Z far, POV, and camera postiion are all adjustable. Maps are generated by using 2 pixel maps, a height map and position map, with shading being done using the Phong shading model. Optimizaton still needs to be performed however all features are functional.


Phonote is an app created in Android Studio by me and 4 other collaborators. It aims to help students take notes easier by converting images to text and autogenerating citation info. Users can either take a picture in the app, or use a picture from their gallery to convert into text. A book title is all that is needed to automatically generate citation info. Users can also save their projects to google drive. Development on the project has stopped and the app is not available on Google Play, however a video showing all its features can be seen here.

Alien Invasion

This is a satirical top down shoot-em-up game where the player has to fight their way through hordes of aliens to make it to the evacuation point. The game was created using Phaser, a Javascript framwork. It was made with me along with 4 other individuals over the course of around 3 months. The full game can be played here.